10 tips for winterizing your boat at the port

With the arrival of autumn, doubts and uncertainty arise about how to adequately prepare boats for wintering at the port. From the Club Nàutic Estartit, we want to provide you with several practical tips to ensure that your boats are well protected during winter and in excellent condition when spring arrives, along with the boating season.

1. Take care of the mooring lines

Make sure the mooring lines have shock absorbers to reduce the strain on the cleat during bad weather days. It’s advisable to protect the chafing spots on the mooring with a piece of hose or cloth.

2. Keep the boat separated from the dock

When the wind blows at more than 100 km/h and the waters are low, the guide has more range, and the boat could hit the dock. It’s recommended to leave a reasonable distance to avoid collisions.

3. Taut and secured covers

It’s important that the covers are taut and secured. For added safety, it’s advisable to add a well-placed support under the canvas that will prevent water accumulation and prolong the life of the covers by protecting them from unnecessary tensions.

4. Maintain the fenders in good condition

The fenders should be the appropriate size for the boat and be in good condition. Conduct a thorough inspection and replace those showing signs of wear or malfunction.

5. Secure mattresses, covers, and awnings

If mattresses, covers, and awnings are not firmly secured, it’s preferable to remove them completely. Storing them in a dry and protected place will increase their lifespan.

6. Remove the sails

It would be advisable to remove rolled-up sails. Rainwater that penetrates from above maintains humidity, creates fungus, and causes mold stains that are difficult to remove from synthetic fabric. If the sails haven’t been removed, they could unfurl or catch wind from above and tear. If the sail isn’t removed, it would be advisable to secure it with an additional reinforcing line in the eyelet of the sheet’s fist.

7. Fill the diesel tanks

Consider keeping the diesel tanks of diesel engines full to prevent condensation problems and ensure optimal engine performance in spring.

8. Separate halyards

In sailboats, it would be necessary to separate the halyards from the mast using a line to prevent them from hitting. The neighbors at the dock will appreciate this gesture.

9. Check the closure of the faucets

In addition to closing the bottom faucets, perform a visual inspection to ensure the closures are in good condition. A small preventive maintenance can prevent unpleasant surprises when resuming nautical activity.

10. Protect the mooring guides

Place the mooring guides on the boat to prevent excessive dirt during winter. This gesture will help maintain a clean and well-maintained appearance.

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