A Mediterranean without waste thanks to Pesca Neta


In 2020 Pesca Neta was established to promote awareness and care for the Mediterranean by all of society.

Currently, the Pesca Neta project involves the active participation of 33 ports belonging to the fishermen’s guilds of Barcelona, Tarragona, and Girona. This involves more than 600 fishing vessels engaged in the task of removing waste to preserve the quality of our waters and species.


The success of Pesca Neta in 2023


In the context of 2023, Catalan fishermen have removed more than 120,000 liters of trash from the sea, double that of the previous year. This increase in waste collection is attributed to the rise in the number of vessels that joined the project, now involving the participation of 900 fishermen.

This great collaboration has enabled the collection of valuable data on the distribution of waste. Fishermen meticulously record, through a mobile app, all debris caught in their nets during their workday, along with the day’s catch, categorizing them by type and weight and documenting their findings with photographs. The majority are plastics, including sanitary wipes and containers, as well as drums, cans, and other items such as wood, tar, and coal from old boats.




Other environmental awareness activities


Pesca Neta is also complemented by other activities aimed at young people and primary and secondary school students, with educational activities that reinforce the messages of marine environment care. Testimonies from fishermen in the classrooms are combined with workshops on marine biodiversity led by scientific project leaders and informative talks.

This commitment and dedication of Catalan fishermen to the protection of the seas is reflected not only in the amount of waste removed but also in their educational and awareness-raising work, laying the foundations for a cleaner and more sustainable future for all.


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