Mooring at the buoys of the Medes Islands 2024


As we well know, the Medes Islands are a sanctuary of biodiversity in the Mediterranean. This natural reserve is home to one of the richest communities of flora and fauna in the region. That is why, in this article, we discuss the mooring buoys of the Medes Islands.


The Important Role of Sustainable Mooring


Protecting this ecosystem is essential because it maintains the ecological balance and the natural beauty that characterizes the Medes Islands. This is why sustainable navigation becomes crucial.

We emphasize the importance of using eco-friendly mooring buoys. These buoys are an ideal alternative to minimize negative impacts on our ecosystem: they prevent anchor dragging that could damage vegetation, such as Posidonia, and avoid direct contact with the seabed.

For better protection of these vital areas, The Montgrí Natural Park has initiated a mooring regulation project. Thus, the use of these buoys has, in recent years, become fee-based.


The Club Facilitates the Procedure to Obtain Annual Passes for the Medes Islands Buoys 2024


We inform you that it is now possible to process the annual pass for mooring at the buoys managed by the Montgrí Natural Park, the Medes Islands, and the Lower Ter.

The Board of Directors offers a 50% discount on these passes for members with the right to use and a 10% discount for the rest of the members and visitors with annual stay. To request the pass, you can send an email to

We also want to inform you of the current prices for the buoy fees for individuals according to Law 5/2020 for the 2024 season:


Casual Mooring (direct payment at the buoy):


  • Red or orange buoy (length < 9m): €8.35 per half-day
  • White buoy (length from 9m to 16m): €12.55 per half-day


You must moor at the orange or white buoys according to the length of the vessel:


  • Vessels up to 9 meters: orange buoys
  • Vessels from 9 to 16 meters: white buoys


After paying the fee, mooring is allowed for half a day during two time slots:

  • From sunrise until 14:00 h
  • From 14:00 h until sunset


Annual Mooring (payment online or at the office of the Natural Park):


  • Red or orange buoy (length < 9m): €106.15
  • White buoy (length from 9m to 16m): €126.95

A park control vessel collects the fee at the mooring location. Payment can only be made by bank card. It is important to note that the use of the buoys cannot be guaranteed, as mooring is subject to their availability.


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