Our Certifications

The Endorsements Backing Us Up

Quality and Sustainability

At Club Nàutic Estartit we offer you a safe harbour for your boat and a promise of quality and sustainability.

Our commitment goes beyond mooring rentals; it encompasses a comprehensive experience that respects and values our environment. The certifications that support our work are a reflection of our efforts to offer an exceptional service in harmony with the environment.

Certifications that endorse us

Here we detail the certifications that evidence our dedication to maintaining high quality standards, while ensuring the protection of the natural environment that surrounds us.

ISO 14001: State-of-the-art Environmental Management

ISO 14001 certification validates our efforts to create a balance between keeping our operations efficient and minimising our environmental impact. By choosing us, you join a collective effort towards greener and more sustainable boating practices.

Technical Requirements Met

  • Environmental Management System (EMS): Implementation and maintenance of an EMS that ensures continuous monitoring and improvement of the environmental impact of our operations.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment: Regularly conducted assessments to identify, control and minimise the environmental impacts of our activities.

  • Legal Compliance: Strict adherence to current environmental legislation, ensuring that all operations comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Environmental Objectives and Targets: Establishment of clear, measurable and achievable environmental objectives and targets, aimed at continuous improvement.

  • Training and Awareness: Continuous training of our staff and users in responsible and sustainable environmental practices.

EMAS: Excellence in Eco-Management and Auditing

Recognised at European level, EMAS is testament to our commitment to environmental improvement. This certification ensures that every aspect of our operations is carried out with the future of our planet in mind.

Technical Requirements Met

  • Environmental Audit and Environmental Statement: Conducting full environmental audits and publishing an independently verified Environmental Statement, which demonstrates our environmental performance and commitment to continuous improvement.

  • Employee Engagement: Encouraging the active participation of staff in the development and implementation of sustainable practices.

  • Transparency: Commitment to transparency and open communication about our environmental performance with all stakeholders.

Blue Flag: Synonymous with Quality and Sustainability

The Blue Flag flies at our Club as a symbol of our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety and environmental management. A clean and safe environment awaits you, guaranteeing an unparalleled boating experience.

Technical Requirements Met

  • Water Quality: Maintaining the highest water quality, meeting the required standards for health and safety.

  • Safety and Services: Provision of lifeguard services, safety equipment, and emergency accessibility.

  • Environmental Management: Implementation of an environmental management system that includes waste management and measures for the conservation of local biodiversity.

  • Environmental Education: Promotion of educational activities to raise awareness of the marine and coastal environment.

CETS: Promoting Sustainable Tourism

The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism reflects our efforts to offer an authentic and sustainable experience while conserving the natural and cultural resources of our environment. By visiting us, you contribute to tourism that respects and protects our natural and cultural heritage.

Technical Requirements Met

  • Sustainable Planning: Development and implementation of sustainable tourism strategies that protect and promote our natural and cultural heritage.

  • Nature Conservation: Active measures for the conservation of local flora and fauna, including the protection of habitats and species.

  • Local Participation: Involvement of the local community in the development and promotion of sustainable tourism.

Environmental Licensing and Greenhouse Gas Reduction.

The environmental licence and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Voluntary Agreement Programme certificate reaffirms our commitment to environmental protection and the fight against climate change.

Technical Requirements Met

  • Environmental Licensing: Processes to ensure that all operations comply with environmental regulations, including waste and emissions management.

  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction: Implementation of measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as improving energy efficiency and adopting renewable energy.

Rent your mooring in an Eco-Port

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