Spain Sailing Cup 2024

The recent celebration of the 2024 Spain Sailing Cup in Torrevieja was an event loaded with intensity and competitiveness. It took place from February 15 to 18 and, with a total of 34 participants, gathered sailors from both national and international backgrounds.

This regatta was the last one counting for the national ranking of this season and also crucial for forming the national teams that will participate in the Youth and World European Championships, scheduled for the summer. Sara Ayats, Joan and Anna Pla, Thomas Prats, and Matteo Galindo are the sailors who skillfully defended and represented the colors of our Club.


Tracking the 2024 Spain Sailing Cup



On the 15th, the first day of the event, meticulous measurements and scrupulous equipment checks were carried out to establish the foundations for the competition. It was from February 16 to 18 that the athletes faced the significant challenge, immersed in the emotions and difficulties of the tests of the 2024 Spain Sailing Cup.

The first day of the 2024 Spain Sailing Cup was particularly demanding, with the completion of three tests under an initial Northwest wind component and an initial intensity of 19 knots, progressively decreasing to 12 knots throughout the day.

The second day, marked by a lack of wind with modest 5 knots and a direction of 120º, allowed one test to be carried out.

However, the last day provided a favorable turn with the possibility of conducting three additional tests, with a light wind ranging between 6 and 8 knots, predominantly from the Southeast.

Thus, despite the adversities imposed by the weather, seven out of the initially planned nine tests were successfully completed.




Results of our sailors


The results of the 2024 Spain Sailing Cup reflected the excellent performance of our athletes in this demanding competition. Sara Ayats rose to the 10th position and was honorably proclaimed the Champion of the Under-20 Women’s Spain Sailing Cup. Joan Pla distinguished himself with the 13th position, obtaining the title of Runner-Up in the Under-20 Men’s Spain Sailing Cup.



On the other hand, Matteo Galindo achieved the 17th position, Anna Pla the 32nd position, and Thomas Prats concluded the competition in the 34th position. All of them with meritorious performances, full of effort and dedication.



These exceptional results are a reflection of the commitment, dedication, and skill of our sailors, who with their participation enhance and enrich the history of sporting successes of our Club.


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